Cool Off This Summer at a Fun Bar!

Stay Cool This Summer!

Many people don’t realize it but there is a DC beyond all the marble-clad monuments and museums. If you are looking for a taste of local life and want to experience the hippest neighborhoods filled with some of the nation’s best restaurants, curio-filled markets and bohemian clubs, hiring Limousines DC for you and your friends may be the best idea yet!

Petworth is overrun by a younger more progressive type now, since previously being a working class community. This move has brought a hodgepodge of funky bars and indie shops with it. The main vein of Georgia Avenue includes sidewalks with long-time Ethiopian, Caribbean and soul food joints. This is shared with DC Reynold’s free jukebox and sprawling patio and Qualia Coffee with its tasting sessions and micro roasts. These hotspots seem far out, but the tradeoff is that they see very few tourists.

Columbia Heights overflows with hipsters and Latino immigrants. Not so long ago this neighborhood was a tumbledown mess. Since the building of the metro station there followed a slew of big-box retailers. Before you knew it the area became a swell mix of ethnic eateries and very unassuming little corner taverns that are full of local color. Everyone hangs out, hoisting pints on warm evenings at Wonderland Ballroom. Room 11 is the cutest ever wine-pouring cafe. These are all part of 11th St NW. Your Limousines DC can stop off for a cheap and delicious Salvadoran meal at Pupuseria San Miguel on Mt Pleasant Street which is the heart of the Latino community.

The hiring of Limousines DC is a great way for getting around when you are looking to party. Shaw is currently known as the main ‘hood’ of DC. Here you can find neighbors sipping with neighbors or students with students in true local places, breweries, bars and cafes that pop up every week. Howard university is close by. The Right Proper Brewing Co is one gathering spot that makes sublime ales in a reclaimed building where Duke Ellington played pool. Cozy Bistro Bohem is another favorite in the community. It offers its rib-sticking Czech schnitzels, pastries and pilsners, which are served with a side of local art. Hired buses make excellent rides to concerts and entertainment venues. Shaw offers the century-old Howard Theater which draws crowds around 7th and 9th Sts NW. Shaw metro station ensures you are in the thick of it.

Logan Circle offers you a stroll down 14th St NW where hot-chef wine bars, beer bars, tapas bars and oyster bars flash by. The occasional chic boutique punctuates the entertainment. The stately old manors on the side streets give the ‘hood’ its class. A hulking menu that offers 500 different beers offered at Churchkey. Le Diplomate is the Parisian-style hangout for DC political glitterati.
Logan Circle has no metro station, but the U Street and Dupont Circle stops are close enough.

The U Street Corridor is DC’s richest nightlife zone and it has quite a history. This is where in the early 1900s Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald hit their notes. This once smoldering epicenter of the 1968 race riots experienced a troubled descent, and in recent times, a vibrant rebirth. This is now filled with antique-crammed shops, red-hot music and mural-splashed alleys. Your Limousines DC will ensure that your party group visits as many venues as they choose and are transported from one place to another swiftly and safely.